shooting fotografico per la campagna pubblicitaria Alsco, ritocco fotografico e post produzione adv (advertising) cartaceo


Multi-subject campaign "no al fai-da-te" (no DIY)

Client GOALS
When repositioning the Alsco brand, the company wanted to design an advertising campaign to communicate their leadership in the rental of workwear, simultaneously addressing various fields in which they operate.

ThemaCreart SOLUTION
The first solution offered by our studio was to opt for a multi-subject campaign, focusing on an highly impact concept to decline on the different targets of the trade magazines. The conceived concept, based on irony, is able to capture the attention, first and basic goal of an efficient advertising. The ironic paradox is muted by the visual tone, to evoke the expertise that the leader must have. The headline further supports the concept of the Alsco leadership, identified as the only alternative to the DIY. The images are the most noticeable element of the visual, so ThemaCreart carefully managed the art direction of the photo-shoot and the following post-production. The company was very pleased with the finished product and is still using the campaign also outside the trade magazines, for the digital communication on their websites and direct mailing. Our graphic design studio managed to balance various elements granting the client a very good relation between added value obtained overtime and the initial investment.

Case history

Goals reached by our clients thanks to ThemaCreart solutions