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Membership campaign advertising

Client GOALS
Coralis, one of the main consortiums in Mass Distribution, entrusts our graphic design studio with the design of the advertising campaign to promote the joining of new members. The new campaign, to be printed on the main trade magazines, must have an incisive impact and attract potential members highlighting the main benefit: diminishing of the costs.

ThemaCreart designed an advert characterized by a very "strong" visual, able to capture the attention of the most distracted reader. The subject choice, deliberately touching the edge of macabre, is muted by the tone of the colors and the irony of the visual and the claim. The photo-shoot was concieved and directed by our graphic design studio, that also handled the post-production. An explanatory copy, in line with the concept and the mood of the visual, completes the adv, printed in various numbers of the main trade magazines, including: GDOWEEK, Food, Mark Up, Food&Beverage.

Case history

Goals reached by our clients thanks to ThemaCreart solutions