poster campagna 5x1000 per il comune di crema campagna di comunicazione 5x1000 sacchetti del pane, cartoline e poster headline campagna di informazione del comune di crema sul 5x1000

Comune di Crema

5x1000 campaign

Client GOALS
Crema's council wanted to promote the donation of the 5x1000 (in the individual income tax return) to the resident city council through a campaign able to capture the attention, inform and, above all, push toward the action. The communication needed to be able to involve and convince the citizens with a positivity feel, avoiding pietism.

ThemaCreart SOLUTION
The city council chose our studio because we were able to create a creative concept that best depict the identified communication goal: the balance between the search for involvement and the positivity of the message. The protagonists are children, among the main beneficiary of the funds and, above all, strong emotional leverage to capture the attention and create empathy. To give the campaign a positivity tone, we opted for images that evoked joy and serenity, focusing on the dreams that children can continue to have thanks to the citizen contribution. The call to action is created by the headline "Help us help him": involving, direct, incisive and able to evoke a sense of community, additional goal requested by the council. To move back on positivity the headline is accompanied by the sentence "Thanks to you they can continue to dream", followed by the actual invitation to support fellow citizens that need help. The campaign was then adjusted on the channels that the council chose. Our studio has been cooperating with the different administrations on Crema's municipality. We designed various advertising, informative and awareness campaigns, along with other communication projects including the elegant publication of a social budget.

Case history

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