sito aziendale responsive ottimizzato per tutte le tipologie di device e dispositivi progetto graphic design per l'immagine aziendale packaging per cosmetica lettering e calligraphy per etichette grafiche

Ancorotti Cosmetics

below the line

Client GOALS
Ancorotti Cosmetics is among the main world leaders in makeup production and supplies many of the most famous makeup brands on the market. In the realization of the various tools for the visual communication, the company often cooperates with agencies that have the task to efficiently help the marketing office.

Themacreart is Ancorotti's visual communication partner since 2012 thanks to the timeliness and flexibility of our graphic services. One explanatory example is the realization of the communication material for Cosmpack 2014. The dynamics that led to the content update were brilliantly handled by Themacreart, thanks to their own print department. The added value that our studio granted the client brand was born from the efficient and synergic relationship with the marketing department of the company. In this partnership we already realized various projects. including many Below-The-Line. Our studio also designed the website and we have a prestigious corporate monograph work in progress.

Case history

Goals reached by our clients thanks to ThemaCreart solutions