Dettaglio grafica espositori sale folder e pop brochures e flyer promozionali spontex press&fresh dettaglio brochures e flyer promozionali spontex espositori per la GDO (grande distribuzione organizzata) brand marchio spontex brochures illustrativa con effetto pop-up dettaglio adv cartaceo pack packaging spontex packaging primario spontex con inserimento promozione


Sale folders, pack and POP

Client GOALS
Spontex marketing office, leader in sponges and cleaning gloves market, cooperates with graphic design studios able to adequately support product managers in the realization of all the visual communication tools. For every project, a detailed briefing highlights marketing factors to consider and express the specific communication goals.

While cooperating, ThemaCreart designed various communication tools for a number of Spontex products: Press&Fresh, Invisible, Doppio Uso, Fibra Plus XXL, Seconda pellet, Metallic Power, Economic, Microfible x4, Flash, Spirenette, Calypso. Usually the project is the realization of the sale folder that Spontex sale force presents to the GDO buyer for the launch of a new product. For the introduction on the market of "Press&Fresh", we handled the visual communication of the new product line, designing sale folders, displays dressing and the flyers that the consumer can find in the POP. In other cases, the added value requested was the conception of original paper solutions, able to grant the sale folder communicative efficiency. Some times the sale folder are followed by the design of magazine advertising, for example: "Acqua & Sapone - La rivista", "Speciali News" (Esselunga) and "In.Prof.". We also operated in the field of packaging design, for example the restyling of the "Doppio Uso" gloves sleever. ThemaCreart also realized the visual communication of Spontex corporate projects, including a co-marketing operation to support "SOS Villaggi dei bambini".

Case history

Goals reached by our clients thanks to ThemaCreart solutions