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Product catalogue and website

Client GOALS
ArtPlast is a company that sells plastic products for house, gardening and DIY. The new catalogue, with more than 500 references, must have a communicative impact that best depict a consolidated reality, particularly innovative and ever growing.

ThemaCreart SOLUTION
In ThemaCreart came the idea of using a simple, fresh and original graphic skin. The "oblique square" will feature the starting point for the graphic line of the catalogue and will also, combined with the existing corporate brand, create a restyling. The catalogue, with also 200 pages, still seems "light", it invites the browsing thanks to the "freshness" of the titles, the airy and colorful layout and the choice of inserting big images. The usability is further made easier by the printing solution, with 4 dividers between every section of the catalogue. The client satisfaction is further demonstrated by the decision to entrusts Themacreart with the design of the corporate website with the same graphic line conceived for the catalogue.

Case history

Goals reached by our clients thanks to ThemaCreart solutions