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Gruppo IPC

Various brands packaging and product lines

Client GOALS
IPC is a multinational group among the world leaders in the production of Pressure Washers machines, commercialized with different brands in different distribution channels. Specifically the communication goal was to realize quality packaging, constantly updated and able to best support the placement of the various product lines.

ThemaCreart SOLUTION
ThemaCreart and IPC has been partners for almost 10 years, mostly designing product packaging, until the holding logics led to the closing of the Vaiano Cremasco facility. The client has always been satisfied by our studio, recognizing our professional approach in graphic design, timeliness, reliability, flexibility and expertise. This graphic design partnership contemplated numerous projects: from the photographic sources to the layout in the cutting die path, up until the pre-print processes. In some cases, we retouched photos of similar machines to produce the images for a specific pack; other times ThemaCreart directed the photo-shoot on location and in still life of the machines. Often the graphic product had to follow strict and articulate brand guideline, we had to interpret and adapt to fit the peculiarity of the pack and the needs of an endearing visual communication. The determining factors for the success of this partnership have been the reliability and timeliness always granted by ThemaCreart: a delay (or a mistake) could compromise the scheduled deadline for the distribution.

Case history

Goals reached by our clients thanks to ThemaCreart solutions