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Sipral Padana

Brand Packaging

Client GOALS
Sipran Padana wanted to restyle the packaging of the "Dolly" margarine, one of their main products. The old pack had a dated feel that did not stand out in the GDO shelves and was not exploiting the strength points of the product that is 100% vegetable with a strong nutritional goodness.

ThemaCreart SOLUTION
ThemaCreart firstly analyzed the current packagings displayed in the GDO, to grasp the trends and develop ideas able to highlight Sipral product on the shelves. The conceived solution was not limited to the pack of the margarine but proceeded to restyle the whole Sipral brand. To get to the optimal design, our studio dedicated their expertise to the design of the logotype and the graphic elements that form the brand, mostly to create an original and efficient lettering. We also carefully selected the colors, balancing the ideas with the needs of the flexographic print. The final design was able to grant the added value desired by the client: the new pack gave the product new life with freshness and it also exploited the naturalness of the product.

Currently the new packaging is approved by Sipral and ready to be printed. We are now directing our attention at the restyling of the other products.

Case history

Goals reached by our clients thanks to ThemaCreart solutions