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Branding and corporate visual communication

Client GOALS
Alsco Italy wanted to launch a new line of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), professional workwear that have to comply with certain safety standards. The communication goal is to highlight the fact that the PPE are able to grant safety and protection, but also comfort and freedom of movement, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect.

ThemaCreart SOLUTION
ThemaCreart offered to give a strong and endearing identity to the new workwear line, with the design of a naming and a brand, combining a logotype and a stylized graphic symbol. Given that the main functionality is to grant the worker safety, the conceived name is "ProtAction": the intuition of highlighting the word "Action" reveals the other basic plus of the product, evoking the concept of moving, meaning comfort while using it in everyday work situations. Thanks to our type design skills, we designed an original lettering. Other than clearly differentiate the two elements of the name ("Prot-Action"), the idea was to design rounded letters to evoke the safety of rounded corners. To complete the logo we added a stylized shield to connect the concept of dynamism. The graphic symbol also recall an element in the Alsco logo, representing the company's connection to the textile field. The logo designed, extensively appreciated by the company, had the opportunity to demonstrate his efficiency right away, conferring an important added value to two new catalogue of ProtAction workwear.

Themacreart designed the ProtAction branding within a partnership with Alsco started in 2010. In these last few years we are operating a progressive and complete restyling of the corporate image with the goal of strongly repositioning the brand as the field leader that it is. We are specifically managing the website, the various corporate brochures, adv campaigns. We have also been complimented by Alsco Inc., the US century old corporate, that gave birth to all the multinationals.

Case history

Goals reached by our clients thanks to ThemaCreart solutions