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Packaging, Below The Line and product lines

Client GOALS
Medicea is a company that sells toiletries and cosmetic products, with his own brand and as a supplier. Young people are their target so the Company needed a partner able to quickly grasp market trends and create efficient communications tools, starting from packaging.

ThemaCreart designed the visual communication of various Medicea lines: "Sweet Years", "Voglia di…", "Medicea Silouhette".

Sweet Years (that we designed in 2004) was a very cool product line of shower creams. Our idea was to exploit another trend at the time: text message language with word abbreviations, combining a chosen sentence to every product on the line. The graphic line was then adapted to fit the sale folder and the counter displays in store.

While collaborating with Medicea, we also managed the launch of Happy Shower, a new line of shower soap from the brand "Voglia di…". In this case we design the logotype, and then proceeded with the creation of the necessary communication tools: packaging, sale folder and counter displays with crowner. The idea of associating every product with a cocktail allowed us to create a fresh and modern graphic line, that was also published on "Logomania", by RED Publishing to spread the quality of Made-in-Italy branding.

The body cream line "Silouhette" was another important project we followed. We realized the visual communication in a synergic relationship with the company's marketing department. The australian model on the pack was selected by Barbara Secco, product manager at Medicea srl. Our studio directed the photo-shoot and the post-production, with highly professional retouching. This collaboration resulted in a number of graphic elements designed by ThemaCreart: product cases, sale folder, counter and floor displays and window sign for the stores.

Case history

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